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Ken Geddes

Computer Science & Information Systems Department 310.434.4295
Santa Monica College
  1900 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405-1628

BUS 261
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AA Degree and Certificate

Past Courses


2017 Spring

2017 Fall

 Web Programmer Certificate

Approved by California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

CIS 1  Computer Concepts with Applications
CS 3 Introduction to Computer Systems
CS 15 Visual Basic Programming
CS 23  Expert Systems and Chatbots
 CS 36 Fortran Programming
CS 50  C Programming
CS 55  Java Programming
CS 56  Advanced Java Programming
CS 81  JavaScript and Dynamic HTML
CS 82  Server-Side Web Programming
CS 85  PHP Programming
CS 86 Android Development
CMSI 182  Intro to Computer Science (LMU)

Computer Science Curriculum Grids

Please use these charts to determine the order in which to take courses:
(Note: These grids only show the order dependencies. For certificate and degree requirements, see Computer Science A.A. Degree & Certificate Programs.)
Computer Programming Associates Degree Curriculum
Computer Science Associates Degree Curriculum
Database Developer Certificate Curriculum
Transfer Core Computer Science Curriculum
Web Programmer Certificate Curriculum


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